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Games for recruiters and sourcers (but everybody can play)

01Sourcing Game #1

First Sourcing Game that I created. Let’s try to beat all levels!


04Sourcing Game #4

Game is for advanced sourcers and you will need to use sourcing magic.


07Sourcing Game #7

Seventh sourcing game focus on IT field.


10Sourcing Game #10

Sourcing Summit Europe 2017


13Sourcing Game #13
This was the 1st hackathon game made through SourcingTest.Online app.


02Sourcing Game #2

Learn how to work with the URLs and beat the game as fast as possible.


05Sourcing Game #5

Try the game that was created for SourceCon 2017 (Spring).


08Sourcing Game #8

This game includes questions from the annual SourceCon Grandmaster Competition 2017.


11Sourcing Game #11

1st crowdsourcing/crowdbuilding Sourcing.Game ever.


14Sourcing Game #14


in near future…

03Sourcing Game #3

88% sourcers are not going to finish this game. What about you?


06Sourcing Game #6

This game was developed for show: AirSource One.


09Sourcing Game #9

SourceCon 10 Year Anniversary Game


12Sourcing Game #12

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.


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Sourcing Games for an Interview

Why do we love sourcing? Sourcing makes us feel like James Bond with all the cool chrome extensions lined up on our black belts ready to be fired away. Sourcing games is a perfect way to train and motivate your sourcing team and show them how exciting and fun this profession can be.

Ekin Bayildiran - Pharma Biotech Recruitment Consultant is an addicting site – only enter if you’re fully prepared to lose your lunch break trying to solve sourcing riddles! Nothing beats the rush of accomplishment when you solve a level, and you’ll definitely find yourself learning new tricks along the way.

Sarah Goldberg - Senior Sourcing Specialist at Objective Paradigm

Sourcers, beware of the Sourcing.Games! This tricky rabbit hole tricks you into learning innovative sourcing tricks… because you don’t know what you don’t know until the Sourcing.Game knows what you don’t. Test your knowledge, refresh your techniques, & discover new methods with the only platform that sneakily makes sourcing fun again!

Susanna Frazier - Head of Strategic Sourcing @UMG

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You only need to know one thing: people think that intelligence is fixed – but it isn’t. Your brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the more it grows.

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